Here you’ll find the – sometimes obvious – answers to the questions we get. If you still have a question after reading this, don’t hessitate to send us an email at

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Q. How long does is take to get it after i order?
A. The kits are usually in stock and will be shipped within 24hrs of ordering.

Q. How do I fill the oil?
A. Oil gets in through a tappet cover. Simply remove a tappet cover and fill her up.

Q. How do I check the oil level now the dipstick in the original tank is gone?
A. There’s a sightglass in the kit that shows the level.

Q. I have a Honda CB750. Does the kit fit on my bike?
A. This kit is designed for SOHC Honda CB750 bikes that have an external oil tank. If you are unsure whether it will fit your bike, please email us BEFORE ordering –

Q. What’s in the kit besides the CNC parts?
A. Besides the CNC-machined SumpThing main block, you also get 2 CNC-machined block-off plates that go where the oil-lines were attached to the engine before. All needed gaskets, stainless hardware, a fresh oil filter and everything else you will need. The only thing you will need is fresh oil.

Q. There are two big tabs with 6.5mm holes inside the big part. Where are these for?
A. These are machined in so you can bolt in an anti-slosh plate. member GSchuld came up with this idea – Thanks George! Adding such anti-slosh plates is a common modification in road racing and / or high performance applications. As this kit was not designed nor intended for such high performance applications, we do not supply such a plate. If you think you need an anti-slosh plate you will have to fabricate something yourself. If there is enough animo for such a plate, we could investigate a production run. The tabs are a little extra for the racing guys to experiment with. You do not need the tabs under normal road use.

Q. Can I become a reseller?
A. Yes. Please email us on for more information. You will need to provide business details.

Q. What does it cost?
A. The kit is EURO 499,-  Shipping to USA is around EURO 50,-

Q. How much is the shipping?
A. You can check your shipping costs in the order menu on our website If your country is not on the list, email us or choose ‘other’. We sell most to USA and that’s EURO 50,- shipping.

Q. I have the kit in my hands, I’m covered in oil and ready to get this done but there is no manual in the kit?
A. The installation instructions can be found under the tab “installation instructions” on top of this page. You can also click here!

Q. It’s 03:30 in the morning, i have to be at my job at 05:00. Is it do-able to bolt the kit up real quick?
A. Short answer: No. Long answer: No, but screaming – This kit is potentially hazardous if mounted incorrectly.

Oil distribution is a very important factor in an engine and not something to mess with in a hurry. Only install the kit when you have time on your hands. Estimated time needed is anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on skills and tools. If you are uncertain about your wrenching capabilities, please let a shop do it for you.

Q. What tools do i need to get this kit mounted?
A. Depending on how your engine is bolted up, you’ll need a 5mm hex key, 8 and 10mm sockets and some screwdrivers. A big help would be an impact driver. To assemble you will only need a 5mm hex key, a socket to tighten the sight-glass, a socket to open and close a tappet cover, oil filter housing and the oil drain plug.

Q. Anything else I need?
A. You will need to get 2.8 liters / 3 quarts of new oil. When you’ve just done a oil-change you could re-use your old oil (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT) but since there is a fresh oilfilter in the kit and you have to get the oil out anyway, fresh oil is the better option. Check your motorcycle manual for the right type of oil. Most environments need semi of full-synth 10w40.

Q. I got the kit but there is a part damaged / part missing / I lost a part / I broke a part. Now what?
A. Please email us with your problem / complaint and we’ll sort it out for you.

Q. I want 4 kits for me and my 3 friends but the webshop says i can only order 1.
A. Unfortunatly, we can’t do discounts and shipping costs are based on weight automatically – our webshop engine does not have the option to re-calculate  weight on multiple kits.- Update; We’ve sorted this out. Two kits are the same shipping costs as 1 and we’ll send you a PayPal request for every 2nd kit so you don’t pay extra shippingcosts.

Q. How about warranty?
A. Warranty is described in our policy&terms and you have to check the box before you can put an order through.
In short, there’s a limited warranty on the aluminum parts of the kit. Logically, we can not be held responsible for any damage before, during or after mounting the SumpThing kit, caused by you, your motorcycle or the person driving it, to you, your engine, other people or other people’s property. This also Includes their fence, pool and even their bbq. You mount this kit on your motorcycle, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Q. My engine has been rebuild, so I can prove it’s in good shape. Do I have warranty in case something goes wrong?
A. No. Once again, it’s your choice to mount the kit on your engine with your tools in your hands. It’s impossible to give warranty on someone elses’ labor on a 40+ year old vehicle.

Q. I have removed all my idiot lights from my dashboard  so now i can’t check oil-pressure. Is that a problem?
A. Anything can break, oil pressure is VERY IMPORTANT. PLEASE, DO NOT BE THAT GUY.

Q. My question is not in this list. Now what?
A. Please email us with any other questions  –